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1. Conclusion of a contract
On our internet side, we represent only our product offer without engagement. When you are interested in a product, you can send us an inquiry about the relevant product
by E-Mail, fax or letter.

Your inquiry is still no order!

On the basis of your inquiry we send a binding offer for the products either by E-Mail or fax, to the address indicated by you in your inquiry. You can accept our offer then within
14 days by E-Mail, fax or letter. If you accept our offer within this period, the contract comes off on the conditions of our binding offer and our terms and conditions of
business. If your acceptance of our offer deviates, a contract does not come off. If you do not accept the offer within 14 days, we are bound no more to our offer. We reserve
the right to change or amend the provided information in folders, magazines, price lists, the internet or other publications if this is reasonable for the customer. This applies in
particular to a model change, which appearance, mass and weight, likewise for performance data, with which deviations do not waive the suitability for presupposed or
usual use. General product descriptions in the before-described sense in the aforementioned media are not condition warranties and justify also no condition

2. Prices
The prices shown in our binding quotation are valid.
For consumers the prices are incl. value added tax.

3. Mail charges
For the delivery you have to pay the mailing expenses, which are written in our binding offer. You find a listing of the mail and handling charges here.

4. Retention of Ownership
The delivered goods remain the property of invertech until full payment of all outstanding claims arising out of the invoice delivered with the goods.

5. Payment
We supply only against payment in advance.
With conclusion of the contract the purchase price is due plus mailing expenses.
We only deliver if the ordered goods and the mailing expenses are credited with our
account. The payment must receive us free of bank charges.

Please note that we seal electronic components (Backlight inverter).
Due to the design of the packing it is however possible for you to examine the electronic
components supplied by us in the sealed packing how it is possible for you for instance
in a retail outlet. If you send back used or damaged goods, compensation may be
demanded. When you send back an electronic component which seal is damaged, the
operability must be examined. We compute this expenditure with 25,00 EUR. You can
avoid the duty to pay compensation if you do not damage the seal when returning the

7. Terms and conditions of business
Our terms and conditions of business are applicable to all current and future business
relations. You can download the conditions as a PDF-File here.

If no program for viewing PDF-Files is installed on your computer, you can download the
"Adobe Acrobat Reader" free of charge from the web page www.adobe.com or by
clicking on this Button (a new window will open):

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Help for using
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